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Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Eddie at the Brisbane Science Museum

Eddie at the Brisbane Science Museum
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Eddie learns a bit about anatomy as the skeleton rode his bike in sync as he peddled his bike - cool display!

Karen, Eddie, and Heather Overlooking Victoria Bridge, Brisbane's CBD, and South Bank parklands

Karen, Eddie, and Heather Overlooking Victoria Bridge, Brisbane's CBD, and South Bank parklands
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Days 4, 5, & 6

Just to pick up on the tail end of day 3. Chrissy, Karen's sister, arrived from Japan about 9 a.m. Eddie and I went out for a run that morning, across the Goodwill Bridge, into the Botanical Gardens, across a deck through a section of mangroves that was exposed due to low tide, out far enough to see Kangaroo Point and back - total of about 3k. When we got back about 9 a.m., Chrissy was already there and it was so great to see her!

Monday was another day at South Bank for the most part - no attacking Ibises, which Eddie was of course thrilled about. We headed up to campus as Karen wanted to see where I had spent the majority of my time over the last 10 weeks. Walked around for a bit - the kids saw up close just how loud the local bird-life can be here - Ibises, crows, and minah (sp?) birds. They chased around a couple of bush turkeys for a while and eventually we went back 'home'.
Tuesday - not really a 'fun' day for me. I had to give a final exam, grade them, and spent the rest of the day grading other papers as well. Karen and kids were at the beach at south bank again - all day! I had so much fun with them though when I got home, about 7 at night (I left at 6:30 a.m.) just playing silly little travel games, listening to music and being silly.

E4 blogging now - Today (Wednesday) - We went to the dinosaur museum and we looked at a whole bunch of fossils. And then we played some instruments from polynesia, then we looked at all the different kind of Australian insects, fish, and sharks. Then when Dad was reading Heather a story, I showed Mom these people with masks on, not real people, like people on display. Then we wne to the cafe and had a big plate of french fries or chips in Australian language. Then we went to the third floor and looked at all the snakes, kangaroos, and whatever. Then we went to the science part of the museum and we did all sorts of activities and stuff like that. I ran against a computerized runner and didn't beat him but no other kid there beat my time either. Dad got in some kind of chair where they spin you around and you go kind of slow when your arms and legs are sticking out and when you scrunch up into like a ball the chair goes super fast. He got kind of sick and didn't feel well for a while after that. I did it twice and felt o.k. Then I went to this one activity where you have to throw a rubber ball and it measures how fast the ball goes and you get extra points if you hit the bulls eye. My speed was 65k per hour. There was this bicycle, with a skeleton on it, it was connected to the bicycle that i was riding and it peddled the same time I did so you could see how the bones worked as I peddled. O.K. all done for now... back to Dad!

All for now - still have papers to grade before I am totally finished here! One way or another I will be done with all academic work by the end of this week! Have a great weekend if we don't make it back to the blog before then!

Monday, June 13, 2005

The Arrival and First 3 Days!

They are FINALLY here! (lots of cheering and celebrating)

They arrived at 5:55 A.M. (yes - A.M.!) on Friday morning and simply hit the ground running ..... for the most part. I got there at about 5:30 and they made it through Customs and came through at about 6:45. I actually can't remember when I've been so happy to see anybody .....ever! Karen and I quickly made eye contact because the kids came running full tilt and I wanted her to know I saw her first. Eddie and Heather just dropped their bags in the middle of the walkway and ... well, what do you say, it was just great.

We went over and sat down for a bite to eat and to chat because we couldn't check into the hotel until 11 a.m. It was great hearing about Eddie's baseball season and Heather telling me all about .... anything that came to her mind. We shot over to the hotel and the guy let us check in early at 9:30. For the rest of the day (which I can tell you now ended at 3:00 p.m.) we hung out at South Bank and went into Brisbane's CBD (central business district). We could've been hanging out in the North Pole for all I cared - I was just happy to be "where I belonged". As we were on the way to the beach at South Bank, I heard Heather say "Hi Sidney", which I promptly replied with "shhhh, that's not someone you know." Then the mother of Sidney says, "no way - is that - Hi Heather!" So now I'm thinking, how in the hell does this Australian know my daughter. They apparently met on the plane on the way from L.A. and just happened to run into each other here at South Bank on the same day! Now THAT is cause for the "it's a small world" comment we tend to make so often.

E4 (Little Eddie) blogging now - When I was at south bank, I was eating and there was a bird that had a long black beak and white feathers - called an Ibis - that he flew in and landed with one foot on the table and one foot on my arm and it ATE THREE PIECES OF MY CHICKEN!!! I was half-crying because I was scared and half-laughing because it was funny! Heather seemed scared too.

E3 (Big Eddie) back again - Anyway, all 4 of us are jammed in a small office right now - so, blog must end! I'll just finish up by saying that having them here has made it seem like "all is right with the world". They are literally hanging on my hands - bye for now.