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Friday, August 05, 2005

Birthday Girls: Addie 12 & Heather 4

Birthday Girls: Addie 12 & Heather 4
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Heather and Addie (a friend from the neighborhood) shared a birthday on Aug. 2nd - Happy Birthday girls! It sounds like Heather will actually celebrate her birthday, get this, 3 times. Once with her cousin and my side of the family at my brother's place this past weekend, once at our place on her actual birthday with all of her friends, and once in NY at the end of the month with Karen's side of the family. My kids actually have no idea how old they are - they celebrate their birthdays three times a year so by now Heather is about 12 and Eddie, who will turn 9 in early September actually thinks he's 27. He'll be applying for social security when he's 21.


Blogger kuri & ping said...

That is too funny that they don't know how old they are. :) But how fun for a kid! :)

11:37 AM  

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